Morell Consolidated School Home & School Meeting

Morell Consolidated School

Public Schools Branch

Principal: Leo Hendricken P.O. Box 60

Vice-Principal: Linda Blackett Morell, PE C0A 1S0

School Counselor: Cindy Wood Phone: 961-7340

Admin. Assistant: Anita Geldert Fax: 961-7331

May 17, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Morell Consolidated School Home and School Association

The next meeting of the Morell Consolidated School Home and School Association will be Wednesday May 17, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will include planning for the Ford Test Drive event on June 7 and planning for the Breakfast Program.

Parents who have not yet picked up their flower orders from the Vessey’s fund raiser can also get their orders at the meeting.

Shannell MacKinnon, President


Ford Drive4URSchool Event

Ford DRIVE4URSCHOOL event letter.docx

Vessey’s Seeds Orders – Pick-Up Date


Transition Teams Working on Student Re-zoning

Transition Teams Working on Student Re-zoning

The Elementary and Intermediate Transition Teams have been established and are working to ensure a successful transition process and to ensure that students and their families who have been affected by re-zoning are supported.

On Tuesday (April 25), a letter will go home to parents who have a student in the following schools:

Birchwood Intermediate Cardigan Consolidated Donagh Regional Glen Stewart Primary Parkdale Elementary Prince Street Elementary Queen Charlotte Intermediate Spring Park Elementary St. Jean Elementary Stratford Elementary Stonepark Intermediate West Kent Elementary West Royalty Elementary

Parents that have a child impacted by re-zoning and who attends a school not listed above, will receive a letter on Thursday.

The Transition Teams will further communicate with parents through the PSB and school websites, social media, and school newsletters.

20 April, 2017 12:17

COMMUNITY ACCESS Invitation for emailing.pdf